3 Accessories Every New Truck Owner Should Have

3 Accessories Every New Truck Owner Should Have

3 Accessories Every New Truck Owner Should Have

25 October 2018
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If you have recently bought a new truck, like a Chevrolet Silverado, then you may be looking at accessories. Though most people tend to think of accessories for their trucks as being upgraded cup holders or phone mounts, there are other accessories that can be equally beneficial. Here are three of those accessories and how they can benefit your new truck, or Silverado.

Folding Truck Bed Cover

There will be times when you are hauling items in the bed of your truck. Most of these items do not need to be covered and can withstand the weather. However, you will have some items that will need to be protected. You can do this with a tarp, but the tarp will still allow wind and sometimes rain to get underneath and inside of the truck bed. Instead, consider a folding truck bed cover. The folding bed cover snaps into place and is usually made of a hard plastic or similar material. It can fold back to leave the truck bed open or fold out to over the entire bed of the truck.

Accessory Lighting

Accessory lighting refers to the lighting that is not standard on the truck, but can enhance the truck for your use. For example, you may want to have accessory lighting put on the step bar into the truck. This is especially helpful at night or in dark parking garages where seeing the step plate may not be easy. You can als get accessory lighting for the interior of the truck along the floor boards or in the back of the extended cab. Other accessory lighting options include door handle lighting and extra brake lighting for safety.

Bed Tents and Extenders

If you are an outdoorsman, you may be considering accessories that will benefit your camping or hunting trips. One of the accessory bundles that can be a great benefit to your Chevrolet Silverado or other similar truck is a bed tent and extender package. The extender allows you to lay down the tailgate of the truck and place an extender bar giving you a few more extra inches or up to two feet. Once in place, you can place the bed tent that fits securely in the bed of your truck for off ground camping.

Each of these accessories can be purchased at most car and truck auto parts stores. You can also order them online or directly from your truck manufacturer website. If you have specific truck accessories that have the logo, like the logo for a Chevrolet Silverado, contact your specific truck manufacturer for catalogs and ordering details.

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