The Benefits Of Installing A Tow Truck Light Bar On Your Tow Truck

The Benefits Of Installing A Tow Truck Light Bar On Your Tow Truck

The Benefits Of Installing A Tow Truck Light Bar On Your Tow Truck

25 November 2017
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If you own a towing business, you may be considering buying and installing tow truck light bars on your tow trucks. However, these light bars can be pricey to purchase and install. As such, you may find yourself wondering if it is really worth it and whether you should invest in them for your fleet of tow trucks. Here are a few of the benefits of tow truck light bars.

Makes the Tow Truck Visible

The biggest benefit to tow truck light bars is that they help make your tow truck visible. A tow truck is often helping vehicles that are on the side of the road. If it is dark outside, other drivers may not see the tow truck. If the driver is not paying attention, they can easily swerve on the shoulder, hitting the tow truck or injuring your driver. Putting lights on the trucks helps let other drivers know that a tow truck is present so they can be alert as they pass the stopped vehicles. 

Can Help Illuminate a Dark Area

One of the lesser known benefits is that tow truck light bars can help to illuminate a dark area. Street lights are not always available, especially on highways or freeways. If your tow truck driver needs to hook up a car in the middle of the night, it may be pitch black outside. Selecting a tow truck light bar that has flood lights on it helps to illuminate the area so your tow truck driver can see what they are doing. This helps to prevent them from damaging the car and ensures the car is properly hooked up. 

May Be Required By Law

The last benefit to installing a tow truck light bar is that it may help you avoid a ticket. In some cities or counties, you are legally required to have a tow truck light bar and have the lights on if you are towing a car. This is especially important if you are going below the speed limit. Other drivers may not be paying attention and you can create a road hazard. Think of it like driving with your emergency lights on if your car is going slow because of an emergency. The same is true. It alerts other drivers to the fact that you are on the road and may be going slower than the flow of traffic, helping to keep the roads safe for everyone. 

There are many important reasons why you should install a tow truck light bar on your tow trucks. Taking the time to learn about their benefits helps you to see their worth and why they are a smart investment for any towing company. 

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