4 Ways You Can Stop Losing Your Car Keys

4 Ways You Can Stop Losing Your Car Keys

4 Ways You Can Stop Losing Your Car Keys

11 November 2017
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If you have lost your car keys on multiple occasions, it's time to stop relying on roadside assistance and look at ways to stop this from happening. This is not only a costly problem, but it's also stressful and can even be dangerous. Here are four ways to stop losing your car keys:

  1. Use a Key Hook: Install a key hook right near your front door and even at your desk at work and make it a habit to put your key here everyday. This prevents you from losing your key in your own space, which is a common way keys are misplaced all the time. You can even install a chalkboard that has a key hook attached and use the board to write, "put keys here" as a reminder to yourself. 
  2. Use Technology: New technology is always being released to solve problems, including the problem of losing your car keys. There are many gadgets available that track lost keys. This can be done by emitting a sound when you press a button to track the keys or even by showing you the location of the keys on your smartphone app. 
  3. Use Spare Keys: Always be sure that you have a spare key for your car. If you don't have one because you lost a set, then go straight to the dealership and ask for a spare. This is the most cost effective way to get a spare. From here, you store that spare key somewhere you can easily access it in the case of an emergency, such as with a friend or family member. Once you're done using the spare, put it right back in that safe spot. 
  4. Use a Key Chain: Putting all of your keys together makes it easier to keep track of them all because you will be reminded more than once of where your keys are because you need them to unlock your house, your office, and your car. You can also use this key chain to attach the keys to your wallet or bag. 

With these four tips, losing your car keys is a lot less likely. You can avoid many stressful and expensive situations by using these tips to keep track of your car keys. However, if it does happen at any point, it's important to have roadside assistance included with your car insurance policy. This can save you money in the event you lose your keys since your insurance company will dispatch a trusted locksmith to you right away.

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